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Capstan and Turret Lathe Machine:

A capstan and turret lathe is a production lathe. It is used to manufacture any number of identical pieces in the minimum time.

These lathes were first developed in the United States of America by Pratt and Whitney in 1960.

Capstan lathe is one of the types of semi-automatic lathe. In semi-automatic lathes machining operations are done automatically. Functions other than machining like loading and unloading of a job, the positioning of tools coolant operations are done manually.

The turret head is mounted on the ram fitted with turret slides longitudinally on the saddle. Turret head has a hexagonal block having six faces with a bore for mounting six or more than six tools at a time. The threaded hole on these faces is used to hold the tools.

Difference between Capstan and Turret Lathe Machine

Brief working:

The workpiece is held in collet or chucks which are actuated hydraulically or pneumatically. All the needed tools are held in the respective holes on the turret head.

According to the sequence of operation, the tool is moved with the help of a turret head.

Drilling, boring, turning, reaming, threading tools are mounted on the turret head.

Forming, chamfering, knurling tools are mounted on the front end of the turret.

The Parting tool is mounted in an inverted position on the rear end of the turret.

After completing each operation the turret head is moved back to its initial position which indexes the tools automatically.


The rate of production is higher

Different ranges of speeds are obtained.

A number of tools can be accommodated.

Chucking of larger workpieces can be done.

Operators of less skill are required hence lowers the labor cost.

Higher rigidity so can withstand heavy loads.

Difference Between Capstan and Turret Lathe Machine:


Capstan Lathe

Turret Lathe

1. In capstan lathe, the turret tool head is mounted over the ram and that is mounted over the saddle. In turret lathe, the turret tool head is mounted over the saddle like a single unit.
2. For providing feed to the tool, ram is moved. For providing feed to the tool, a saddle is moved.
3. Capstan lathe is a Lightweight machine. Turret Lathe is a Lightweight machine.
4. The turret head cannot be moved in the lateral direction of the bed. The turret head can be moved crosswise i.e. in the lateral direction of bed in some turret lathe.
5. In capstan lathe, Collet is used to gripping the Job. In turret lathe, power Jaw chuck is used to gripping the Job.

The other 7 points are:

6. Capstan lathe is usually horizontal lathes. Turret lathes are available in horizontal and vertical lathes.
7. Because of no saddle displacement, Movement of turret tool head over the longitudinal direction of bed is small along with the ram. Turret tool head moves along with the saddle over the entire bed in the longitudinal direction.
8. For indexing turret tool head, the hand wheel of the ram is reversed and turret tool index automatically. For indexing turret tool head, a turret is rotated manually after releasing clamping lever.
9. Capstan lathe working operations are faster because of lighter in constructions. Turret lathe working operations are slower because of heavier in constructions.
10. Capstan lathe used for shorter workpiece because of limited ram movement. Turret lathe used for longer workpiece because of saddle movement along the bed.
11. In Capstan lathe used for machining workpiece up to 60 mm diameter. In Turret lathe used for machining workpiece up to 120 mm in diameter.
12. Heavy cuts on the workpiece cannot be given because of non-rigid construction. Heavy cuts on the workpiece can be given because of the rigid construction of the machine.


Lathe machine-Introduction, Definition, Operations, Specification of Lathe machine, PDF

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