Difference Between Turbocharger and Supercharge-PDF

Difference Between Turbocharger and Supercharge:

Are you looking for Difference Between Turbocharger and Supercharge? So, Today we will study the differences between Turbocharger and Supercharge and PDF. Here You will get the articles of Mechanical Engineering in Brief with Some Key Points and you will get to know an enormous amount of knowledge from It. So You Find helpful this articles please let us know in the comment box either if any correction required too, also let’s know in the comment box.

Difference Between Turbocharger and Supercharge

Difference Between Turbocharger and Supercharge:

Sl. No Supercharger Turbocharger
1. It is directly driven by the engine through a belt drive. It is driven by the exhaust gas of an engine.
2. It generates more noise. It generates less noise because it used exhaust gases.
3. The supercharger is more costly than the turbocharger. The turbocharger is less costly.
4. It is not essential to use inter-cooler in the supercharger. Because turbocharger work by exhaust gases so inter-cooler is essential.


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And the 6 Point are:

5. It increases engine power by about 30-40%. It increases engine power by about 30-50%.
6. The supercharger uses the useful power of an engine to drive the compressor. The turbocharger uses the power of exhaust (waste power) gases to drive the compressor.
7. The supercharger is connected by the crankshaft, so it starts working suddenly as the engine start. Turbocharger used exhaust gases to operate, so it does not work until sufficient smoke is generated by the engine.
8. A supercharger is a unit that is bolted to the engine and connected with a belt drive between a crankshaft and the supercharger unit. A turbocharger is similar to a supercharger, except it has an exhaust housing instead of a belt drive, and runs by exhaust gasses.
9. Because it uses the useful power of the engine so it decreases the engine efficiency. Because it uses exhaust gases to drive the compressor, resulting in increased efficiency.
10. The supercharger is difficult to adopt in the car because it occupies large space. When we considered design, the turbocharger is compact and easily adopted in the cars.

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