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Injection Molding Definition / Introduction:

The injection molding is an old technique in which various product is made by using the injection machine.

By using a required amount of forces for their developed finished product.

By introducing the new product design and its existence in the required field.

Injection molding will make the product very fast and the rate of production is quick.

So the come into the mass production of the product.

In today’s world product is highly good quality and finished with a good edge.

Injection molding started with a host of the material mainly include the metals.

The particle is the unit of fed into a heated barrel, mixed (using helically shaped).


Injection molding is invented by JohnWesley in American Inventor 1872.

The Construction of the machine is very simple as compared now day’s machine.

It works like a hypodermic punch, using a piston and plunger,

Injection of plastic through a cylinder whose temperature is very high into the cavity of the mold.

The industry of injection molding is progressed a very slow at the time of invention over many years,

at that time the product made by this process is hair comb, buttons, and other product.

In 1903 the inventor invents cellulose acetate, it is less burnable than other cellulose its was made in powder situation from which it readily to injected it into the mold.

The elastic injection moldings industry has progressed over the year for the

Manufacture of buttons and scrutinizes to produce a large sequence of the product of many companies like:

An automobile, airway, required product and construction product.

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Injection Molding Parts / Construction:

The Main Parts of Injection Molding is:

  1. Hopper
  2. Screw motion
  3. Heaters
  4. Nozzle
  5. Extraction Pin
  6. Split MoldsClamping Unit
  7. Injection Unit
  8. Drive unit
  9. Hydraulic Unit

The diagram of the molding machine is given below and

Their detail is shown in the figure.

The main component of the machine are designated by their name and the terminology which is suitable for that:

Injection Molding pdf

1. Hopper:

Here we insert the ingredients of plastic material for the molding process.

2. Screw Motion / Archimedean Screw:

It pushes the ingredients of plastic material in a forward direction.

3. Heaters:

It is used to increase the temperature of the system to prepare the product in a good finished and

We can say that the heater works is to melt the ingredients of plastic polymers.

4. Nozzle:

The material temperature increases such an extent it quickly enters into the mold cavity.

5. Extraction Pin:

It works like split molds and the shape formed to remove from it and further process to be carried out.

6. Split Mold / Cooling channels:

Cooling of the product done into the system.

7. Clamping unit:

It is used to clamp the tool.

8. Injection unit:

In Injection unit it can be used to inject the mold (Plastics).

9. Drive unit:

Driving unit is used to ram the mold in the cavity.

10. Hydraulic system:

Raming the mold by the press.

Injection Molding Working Machine Process:


Material particles are nourished into a hopper then from hopper it comes into the system.

There is an Archimedean screw which works is to rotate and sends forward the present material.

Now it comes to the heated area here it gets heated between ingredients plastic polymer.

At the nozzle, the temp having high at such extent it send fast to the Mould cavity and

Here the cooling process is done as shown in the above diagram.

Now Extraction pin removes the mold cavity parts and then

formed products remove it which is helmet as shown in the diagram.

Here you can make any of product like a bucket, Mobile parts, Helmet and many more.


The below diagram shown is about Helmet making process.

But at the mold cavity section if you have set for a bucket design then the bucket will be formed.


Injection Moulding is a modern technique in which the grain is made up of the desired material like PVC, Plastics, etc.

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Injection Molding Advantage / Merits:

The Advantages of Injection Molding is:

  1. Quick production.
  2. Small labor wages.
  3. Large production of the product.
  4. Many particles (material) used at the single or same instant.
  5. The small product part is easily manufactured.
  6. Leaves very less scrap during the production of a product.
  7. Ability to create a hole on the product.
  8. The color is easily controlled in production.
  9. The finishing is required in very less amount.
  10. Dimension is very appropriate.
  11. The product manufactured from this technique is good and 

Injection Molding Disadvantages / Demerits / Limitation:

The Disadvantages of Injection Molding is:

  1. High initial tooling and machinery cost.
  2. Molds are also very costly.
  3. The designs will have to be created before any process can begin.
  4. This could put production behind schedule or cost more money for the company.
  5. There are also some limitations to
  6. What types of designs can be made with this process?
  7. The process could be a possible set back for certain companies who don’t have a set rule to follow.

Injection Molding Application / Used:

The Application of Injection Molding is:

  1. Used for molding thermoplastic polymers. The shape may be simple or complex.
  2. This is some list where the molding process is used for various products making:
  • Hard Plastic Chair 
  • Bucket
  • Laptop fan
  • Plastic tubes
  • Mugs
  • Helmet
  • Mobile Parts
  • Ice block trays and many more.

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One of the most adaptable techniques used today.

Industrial requirement and their existing market and sustainability the product,

Production by this technique is good and

The product is available at a Reasonable price and capable to hold it for a long period of time.

The Injection molding has some pros and cons but

The overall impacts on the industrial area are that -all the factor is going to be adopted to get the desired product

and all the thing is considering it as for their requirement.

Used for mass production of a product.

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