Lathe Machine Parts | Briefly Explained all the Parts

Lathe Machine Parts:

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Lathe Machine Parts:

  • Bed
  • Chuck
  • Head Stock
  • Tool Post
  • Lead Screw
  • Carriage
  • Legs
  • Apron
  • Guide Ways
  • Spindle
  • Tailstock
  • Compound rest
  • Hand Wheel
  • Feed Rod
Lathe Machine Parts
Lathe Machine Parts


  • Bed in the lathe machine is the main body of the machine. All main components are mounted on it.
  • The bed is usually made up of cast iron due to its high compressive strength and high lubrication quality. It is made by a casting process and molted on floor area.


  • Chuck in the lathe machine is used to hold the workspace. This is fastened on the spindle, which rotates the chuck and the workpiece.
  • There are four jaws and three jaw chuck but according to the requirement of machine they used.

Head Stock:

  • Head Stock is the holding device in a lathe machine.
  • The headstock is the main body parts which are placed at the left side of the bed.
  • The Headstock is also made up of cast iron.

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Tool Post:

  • Tool Post on a lathe machine is fastened on the carriage.
  • The main work of tool post is to hold the tools at an accurate position and tool holder mounted on it.

Lead Screw:

  • Lead Screw also knew as a power screw.
  • Lead screw locates at the bottom side of the bed, which is used to move the carriage automatically during the thread cutting operations.


  • It locates between the headstock and tailstock.
  • It is used to hold and move the tool post on the bed vertically and horizontally.
  • It slides on the guideways. The carriage is also made up of cast iron.


  • Legs are used to carry all the loads of the lathe machine.
  • It locates the floor which prevents vibration.


  • An apron is attached to the carriage and hangs over the front side of the lathe bed.
  • It is useful in providing power and hand feed to both carriage and cross-slide.
  • It is also used to provide power feed to the carriage during thread cutting through two half nuts.


  • The main function of guideways in a lathe machine is to guides the movement of carriage and tailstock.


  • This is the main part of the lathe machine which holds and rotates the chuck.


  • It is placed at the right-hand side of the bed.
  • The main function of tailstock to support the job when required.
  • The main function of tailstock is to lock the workpiece while performing a drilling operation.

Compound rest:

  • The compound rest in a lathe machine which is used to fix the single point cutting tools while performing different lathe operation.

Hand Wheel:

  • Hand Wheel is used for moving tailstock forward or backward.

Feed Rod:

  • Feed rod is a power transmission mechanism used for precise linear movement of the carriage along the longitudinal axis of the lathe.

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