Locomotive Boiler-Main Parts, Working Diagram, Disadvantages, Application, PDF

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Locomotive Boiler:

This is a fire tube boiler.  A locomotive boiler is a device which is used to create steam from water by using heat energy.

This is a horizontal drum axis, multi-tubular, natural circulation, artificial draft, forced circulation, medium pressure, solid fuel fired fire tube boiler that has an internal fire furnace.

It is capable of producing high steam rate and hence it is used for railway locomotive engines and in marines.


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Locomotive Boiler Main Parts:

  1. Ashpan
  2. Blow off cock
  3. Water level Indicator
  4. Pressure Gauge
  5. main Hole
  6. Regulator
  7. Boiler Tubes
  8. Smoke Box


  • A tray fitted beneath a grate in which ashes can be collected and removed.

Blow off cock:

  • The function of blow-off cock is to discharge mud and other sediments. It can also be used to the drain-off boiler water.

Water level indicator:

  • This is an instrument which is used in the boiler to indicate the level of water.

Pressure gauge:

  • This is also an instrument which shows the reading of the Boiler pressure.

Main Hole:

  • The main hole is like entrance where people enters into the boiler and changed the parts if necessary and or if it is damaged.


  • The regulator is a valve that regulates the steam through the main steam pipe for superheating.

Boiler Tubes:

  • Here the tubes you are seeing in the diagram they are the fire tubes through which the hot flue gases pass and exchange the heat with the surrounding water. 

Smoke Box:

  • Smoke Box is a box in which the smoke of the burnt fuel after passing through the fire tubes gets collected and From there it is exhausted in the environment by the chimney.

Locomotive Boiler Working Principle:

Using of grate we insert the fuel into the boiler and then providing the fire to ignite the fuel.

When fuel starts burning the hot flue gases is produced. And these hot flue gases are passed through the pipe continuously until the surrounding water gets heated.

So the water changes there phase into saturated steam.

This saturated steam can also be used or else further using of the superheated process

we superheat the saturated steam into the steam. This steam is further used in the steam engine.

Locomotive Boiler Advantages:

  1. This is portable that means Locomotive Boiler can displace whenever required.
  2. It is capable of meeting sudden and fluctuating demands of steam.
  3. This is a cost-effective boiler.
  4. This Boiler has a high steam generation rate.
  5. It is compact in size.

Locomotive Boiler Disadvantages:

The main disadvantages of this boiler are,

  1. It faces the problems of corrosion and scale formation.
  2. Unable to work under heavy load conditions because of overheating problems.

Locomotive Boiler Application:

  1. Locomotive boilers are mostly used in railways and marines. 
  2. The efficiency of this locomotive boiler is very less.
  3. The locomotive boiler cannot work in heavy-load conditions because this leads to the overheating of the boiler and finally gets damage.
  4. This boiler is also used in traction engines, steam rollers, portable engines, and some other steam road vehicles.

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